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i can't download my city in the planner city
hello [Image: smile.png]

i have a problem with the FOE planner city ! 

when i want download my city, the planner download another one from another player.... 
my pseudo is spiderco and when i check all the informations (serveur: FR , world : 20 UCERIA and my pseudo) the planner download the city of spidercochon1975 and not mine !! Strange story... 

this problem has already happened to someone? is this a site bug? Is there a way to download my city?

thanks !! [Image: smile.png]
This is current limitation of City planner. Your city MUST be the first in the list when you search for it inside the game. I am planning to fix this, but do not have an estimation right now.
ok thanks for your answer. i hope so you'll found the solution !
thanks !
I know the solution. I just need time to implement it.
Ok no problem. when it will be ok, you'll tell me if there is any particular manipulation to be done.
Thanks a lot

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