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Xyr Missing?
I am trying to load my city into your excellent program, but Xyr is not listed in the list of cities in EN. Help!
what is Xyr? a world? or a specific city?
(04-10-2018, 04:30 PM)ingwe Wrote: what is Xyr? a world? or a specific city?

Sorry - it's a world. It used to show up. In fact, I uploaded my city from world Xyr in February. Today I want to re-upload my in-game city so I can re-plan it, but it is not listed as a world on the EN server. I have since deleted the original upload in city planner (from Feb.), so I can no longer use city planner unless I can re-upload it from world Xyr.
I guess you are playing on US servers, but looking for the world on EN servers.

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