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The future of City planner
Dear gamers!

If each player donates $1 just once, this will allow City Planner to work for many years.

City planner has been live for almost 2 years already. 11000 people use it each month right now and the number is growing. We are safe now for a year. However, please, keep donating to support the project. Unfortunately, I will not be able to cover server costs myself starting from May 2018 next month (April 2018) (April is covered, but future is still not clear). So far, i was getting small support from few people, but it's not enough. City planner is hosted on Amazon (AWS). There are few scenarios here:

  1. This one is ideal and includes upfront payment for 1 year - $1650. This is just $0.15 per user per year, if each user donates. You can find the details about this server configuration here - amazon calculations with upfront payment
  2. Month to month payment - $206 per month. This is $2477  per year, which is 50% more expensive.You can find the details about this server configuration here - amazon calculations with month to month payment
Right now, I can accept donations via Patreon only.

Patreon is a subscription based service. However, you can still donate one time only. For details read here. Patreon charges starting from 1st day of the month. This means, that if you became patron in March, first payment will be in April. If you want to make just one time payment, you should not remove your pledge by that time. For details read here.

All extra money if any will be put into City planner development. 

If you want to donate more than $100, you can still use Patreon or send me a private message here.

Alternatively, you can use PayPal (not recommended for donations less than $10  because of huge fees), though Patreon stays preferred method.


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