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Delete all roads at once

I've been using your planner for a lot of cities. My own planning but also for other people's cities.
The importing feature is a big help for this. 

What I would like to request is, hopefully, rather simple;

A button to delete all roads at once.
Perhaps even add a button to delete all Watchfires and Victory Towers aswell.

Simple reason being that when you're renovating/overhauling a city you need some space to move around and seeing as it's a hussle to delete all 'main' buildings and place them back later, keeping track of what was in it and you have everything back in, you can easily create enough space to overhaul a city by just deleting all roads, watchfires and victory towers. These are often expendable and/or easily placed back afterwards when they overhaul is done.

Thanks in advance,
Quote:What I would like to request is, hopefully, rather simple;

A button to delete all roads at once.
Perhaps even add a button to delete all Watchfires and Victory Towers aswell.

Hi !
I agree 100% with Mr Goldy.

I've been using your planner tens of times too, and I came to this forum to do this suggestion.
My second idea will be written on a second thread.

Thanks for this planner Wink
Hi I would take the delete feature one step further, or ought I say erase feature.
I have been using the planner to plan ahead as to what I would like my City to look like when I progress to the next age plus then duplicate that so I can then add more sections, GB's roads and other buildings for that age.
For example I may have a Early High Middle Ages, Mid High Middle Ages, Late High Middle Ages and an early Late Middle Ages plan for the city, so i can see and plan ahead of where I would like to place GB's so they do not have to be moved hardly at all if at all.

Currently I am having to place in a whole lot of sections to place old building on such as the City Hall, Goods Buildings and production Buildings.
What I would like to be able to do is then remove all those buildings that have been placed in that area and then also remove those sections as well, so that the city then truly represents what it will look like not long after I have moved into the next Age.
So having a erase feature that allows you to erase buildings, GB's , roads and sections would achieve exactly that, sure it would be like the Game however not the Game.

Currently having to wait till I move to the next age, set my City up how I want it then import the cleaned up version into the planner so I can then add in new sections I want to plan for along with GB's or other Buildings and roads is the only option open to achieve a clean plan.

I did notice that the Terrace farms are missing from the planner.
I too came to this forum to do the same suggestion (delete all roads at once). Smile

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