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Support Foe City Planner
Updating and maintaining Foe City Planner takes time and efforts. All your support matters, small one or big one, all help counts!

There are 2 ways to donate - Patreon and Paypal. Patreon is preferred way. 

Become our Patron!
Find more info on Patreon FoE and Elven City Planners page. Patreon is a subscription based service. However, you can still donate one time only. For details read here. Few support tiers have been set up for your convenience. However, you can specify any amount. When donating, select FoE or Elven tier, so I know which city planner you want to support.

Alternatively, you can use PayPal (not recommended for donations less than $10  because of huge fees), though Patreon stays preferred method. When donating, write me a note that you are supporting Foe City planner.

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