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Import incorrectly assumes starting squares
Hi Everyone,

So I first want to say that I *love* this tool and especially love its import feature.

That having been said, I seem to have found an unexpected bug with regards to certain expansion squares (4x4 spaces) being assumed to be open and usable simply because the location of the expansion squares is in the area that is starting area (16x16) that a new player starts off with today.

Apparently, older players (3 or more years) starting area was NOT in the same location it is today.  A number of players in my guild (Game of Thrones, server: US, world: Fel Dranghyr) have been playing long enough that the location of their starting area was lower on the map than it is today *and* they have yet to activate these expansion squares, even though they are available to them.

Here's a couple of screen shots as examples of what I'm talking about:
Server: US, World: Fel Dranghyr, Player: msuturf01

server: us, world: Fel Dranghyr, player: Ace the Green Mage

In both of the screen shots above, the player's city was imported into the city planner tool with expansion squares open that the player had not yet unlocked.

I'm hoping that this is something easily corrected.
The import feature of this tool is one of the best features about it.
*** Bump ***

Just wanting to know if this is something that is going to be fixed anytime soon.
It looks like you forgot to publish your initial post (because I see it just now). Yes, I am aware of this bug. But do not consider this as critical. This will be fixed, but I have more urgent things for now.
I have had the same problem.

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