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The future of City planner 2020
Dear gamers!

Update: FoE team asked me not to encourage you to contact their support. So, apparently, contacting their support is not a good idea. I think the situation will be clear soon. I will post and update here. Meanwhile, I continue working on v.2.

Some of you might notice recently, that they could not import cities from the game. That happened because my game account, used by City planner, was banned. The ban was temporary and is removed right now. Update: the ban is permanent on some worlds already, and probably will be permanent on other servers too sooner or later. I do not know the reasons why the account was banned, and support do not want to provide any kind of concrete info. The only thing they told me is that my account had some suspicious behavior (Update: According to new info, my account(s) frequently caused errors on their side. They have not still provided concrete info about those errors and whether they happened with single or both accounts and on which server(s)). I can only guess that I screw something up on beta server during my development of second version of the City planner. However, that's just a guess. 

Unfortunately, the largest consequence of that ban is that City planner was removed from the whitelist of Forge of Empires' authorized 3rd party resources. This means, that if their tools  alarm that they see some suspicious activity from City planner, they will ban the account again. This makes city import functionality unreliable. City import is the main killer feature of the planner. The vast majority of gamers uses city planner just because they do not need to reconstruct their cities here building by building. Without importing, the usefulness of the tool will drop significantly. This is why I am afraid that I will have to stop supporting it and stop working on the second version. The City planner will stay online for some time, but I might not be updating it with new city entities.

I wish I can fix what went wrong. However, Forge of Empires' support refused to talk about the issue completely. That's an unfortunate decision, especially taking into account that City planner has been online for 3.5 years already, has more than 100000 registered users and was on their whitelist all this time! Even though I have a strong intention to resolve this issue, I cannot do it on my own, without their will. Forge of Empires is their product, and of course, they have all rights not to approve City planner again. At the same time, I believe that City planner brings some benefits to original game, because it gives players the ability to dive deeper into city planning (which is one of the key strategic thing in the game).

Right now, I can only wish, that community will raise its voice and explains to Forge of Empires team why you need this tool, why you use it and why it should stay alive. If they listen, hear and will decide to discuss the issue, then, hopefully, we will resolve it and City planner will continue to stay online. If you decide to talk about City planner on FoE's forums, do not try to break their rules (e.g., you cannot discuss ban there) and do not try to blame somebody - this will have a negative results. Just avoid speculations please. If you want to discuss the topic, probably the best way is to show how you are using the tool and how it helps you in the game. This way you will show that the tool is useful. Stay positive.  Wink

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