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Broken roads
Hi, I would like to report that since today (or perhaps 1-2 days back, I was not in FoE city planner everyday) all roads are misplaced. They seem to be out moved like half a field. Thank you for all fixes you did (Tower of Babel is no longer flying and event buildings are no longer missing), but could you please fixed the roads?

Thank you Heart

here you can see what I mean

[Image: BWDs.png]
I hope they can fix it soon... I love using this when I'm getting ready for a big change to my city and like to figure out how to make everything fit the way I want....

I appreciate how hard you have worked on keeping this website going and how handy this is for anyone who likes to see there city transformed when they want to make incredible changes or get an idea on how to get ready for the next Era
Thank You for everything
Thanks for reporting. I am aware of it. That's an unfortunate issue during last update. I am not sure when I will fix it, as I am pretty much busy (also busy with v.2 of City planner)

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