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Collection count
..not really a bug, but a bugging behaviour for the collection counts:
  • 24hr productions always count towards your total income, no matter what the coll.count is (even zero)
  • shorter productions do not add up when the coll.count is set to 0
Since zero is the default for a producing building (no matter if imported oder build in the planner), this leads to quite strange income stats (only all 24hr buildings are taken into account), some suggestions/ ideas:
  • set the default to 18hrs / production time (rounded up) - 6hrs of sleep is enough for a gamer Wink
  • use this formula also when the user changes the product <> production time of his facility
  • limit the collection count to the maximum (it IS limited in the calculation, but doesn't limit the range of the up-down control)
  • make a similar functionality for goods production
  • give an option to set the collection count [and product option, where applicable] for
    • all producing buildings with a specific production time, e.g. set coll.count to 4 for all 4hr buildings
    • all buildings of the same type, eg all blacksmiths in town to the 1hr product & 14 collections, or all Pod homes to lazy 3 collections, ...

Otherwise (without further improvements) it might be better to drop the feature completely, rarely someone will click through all buildings one by one to change the settings.
0 (zero) mean max possible collection count per day. Suppose you have a production building with 5 minutes production option. Then if you set collection count to 0 you will get 288 collections per day. At the same time, if some building has fewer collection options, with minimum let's say of 8 hours, then when setting that value to 0 you will get 3 collections per day.

Anyway, I am reading all your suggestions. Thanks for them. Will take a closer look when I have time.
(09-08-2016, 08:53 AM)ingwe Wrote: 0 (zero) mean max possible collection count per day...
Now it works exactly as you've described it - did you 'fix' that since my report? (I'm quite sure that zero meant 'nothing at all' when I tested it a week ago)

But taking that into account: It would be better to have a dedicated "max" option there, and have zero behave as zero:
- avoids confusion ^^
- many players have disconnected houses, because they need the population, but don't need the money desperately (or are annoyed of 1hr houses taking their money boost away) - so they skip the hassle of building roads. Those houses do have a true collection count of zero. (Having 20-30 POD homes filling gaps in the map are not uncommon for a Future Era player)

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