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Building 2x2 roads

Now you can build 2x2 roads everywhere, but the game restricts it, so you can build only at every 2 "tile".
(09-01-2016, 10:43 AM)FoE_VPK Wrote: ... but the game restricts it, so you can build only at every 2 "tile".
The game only restricts it if you build them connecting to an existing (2-lane) road - otherwise you're free to place the tiles around.

Such a check in the planner would make some sense if you build straight away from your town hall/ an existing road, but if you start in the wild, neither the planner nor the game can know where you want it to end/ to connect.
But you know, and you know what's possible in the game. So just don't place them where they can't be Big Grin

tl;dr not totally unneccessary, but imho very low on the prio list
I didn't say it makes the planner unusable, but it's a bug Smile.

On the other hand, it...shouldn't be that hard actually, but of course it depends on the implementation of the tool. The check which needs to be done is basically to check whether the 2x2 road is next to a 2x2 road but the they connect only with 1 square (instead of 2). For example, with coordinates, it's actually pretty easy...but I don't know the implementation of it, so it's hard to tell.

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