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Planner Crashing - Nordy - 10-25-2016

I've been experiencing crashes while using the planner. It will start by working normally, but at random times the screen will mess up, looking almost puzzle piece like. Whenever I move the mouse around, it will update a square portion of the screen near the mouse cursor almost like a new snapshot of the city, but one that is out of place from what I should be seeing in that part of the screen/city.

I've used the most update-to-date Chrome and Firefox and both have done this. To fix, I need to reload the page and log back in.

[Image: 14543922_10103663710925821_2703176015770544772_o.jpg]

RE: Planner Crashing - ingwe - 10-25-2016

Could you please write your computer specs (CPU, amount of memory, GPU and its memory)

RE: Planner Crashing - Nordy - 10-25-2016

(10-25-2016, 07:37 AM)ingwe Wrote: Could you please write your computer specs (CPU, amount of memory, GPU and its memory)

It's a Samsung NP700Z5C-S01UB (

i7-3615QM, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GT 630M 512MB

RE: Planner Crashing - Nordy - 10-29-2016

Any idea what could cause this issue? Has it come up before for others that you've read?

RE: Planner Crashing - ingwe - 10-30-2016

To tell the truth - I have no idea what is the real reason of this issue and I never saw similar thing. It looks likes something wrong with the flash player itself, but it's just guessing. I am afraid I will not be able to fix it. The only solution for you might be using Internet Explorer (or Edge) for the City editor. Try it and tell me if the issue is present there as well.

RE: Planner Crashing - Jim - 11-19-2016

I'm observing exactly the same issue posted by Nordy when I'm using Chrome. I changed to Edge, up to now no hangups anymore.

RE: Planner Crashing - ingwe - 11-20-2016

This looks like a Flash Player internal bug.