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pagodas not loading.... - lilymoonsilver - 05-11-2019

Hello, totally new user to City Planner here, city appears to have loaded just fine, but the earth pagoda and water pagoda are not included.... any idea of why and what I can do about it?

thanks folks,

RE: pagodas not loading.... - ingwe - 05-11-2019

are they new buildings from some recent event?

RE: pagodas not loading.... - howardmoon - 05-15-2019

Yes, the Pagoda upgrades are from the recent Spring event. Also, the World's Fair from the current Archaeology Event is needed.


RE: pagodas not loading.... - ingwe - 05-18-2019

Yes, sorry, the last city entities update was long time ago. I will try to add them, but probably in few weeks only. Super overloaded with the work.