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Before start
You should register at FoeManager. Please, use some real e-mail address which you have access to (the registration process does not require verification of the e-mail now. However, this verification will be added for all existing accounts in the future)

How to create new city
  • Login to your account.

  • Click on Create New City button.

  • You can start from scratch

  • Or you can import the city from the game. For this, select corresponding option from the menu, choose game server and world and type player’s name. It’s better to type the whole player’s name. There is a chance to import the city of the player with similar name otherwise.

  • New tile will appear on the Dashboard after the city has been successfully created.

  • You can set city name during creation process. Better to make names unique but this is not mandatory.

Working with the planner

  • There are 2 modes in the planner – selection and construction, and you can switch between them with corresponding buttons. The construction mode is the default.

  • Construction mode reveals construction menu. It is the list with all available buildings, sorted by type (you can choose concrete type by clicking on corresponding buttons) and by age.

  • City territory has same shape as in the game. Some areas are locked. You need to add expansions to unlock new territory. To do this, select corresponding option in the Construction menu.

  • To add new building to the city – click on the item in construction menu, move the mouse in the desired location, click the left mouse button again. You can keep adding same building/road until you select another city entity or cancel the process.

  • To move the building on the map – click on the building, then perform similar steps like when you put the new one.

  • To cancel selection of the building – either click right mouse button or hit Esc on the keyboard.

  • To delete the building – click on the building and hit Delete/Backspace on the keyboard

  • To move the map – press and hold left mouse button and start moving. You can perform this action when some building is selected too.

  • To change map scale – either use mouse wheel or corresponding buttons on the toolbar.

  • You can hide the graphics of all buildings to better locate unused space and check street connections. There is a button for this action on the toolbar.

  • Selection mode lets you access information and settings of concrete building. You will be able to set the level of great buildings, age of bonus buildings, production option and the amount of collections for production and residential buildings.

  • Do not forget to save the progress from time to time. Confirmation will appear at the bottom of the screen when the city has been successfully saved.

City statistics
  • Following values are included: money, supplies, population, happiness, fierce resistance, military boost, defense support.

  • Money and supplies numbers are values per day. Boosts for these values (from great building bonuses) has not been included yet.

  • Money and supplies statistics calculations consider selected product and amount of collections. You can set both values in Selection mode. By default, 8 hours product is selected, and the amount of collections is set to 0 (which means max possible collections per day).

Thank you for this beautiful planner. The possibility to see the blue footprints instead of the buildings themselves is quite useful.

May I give a suggestion?
What would be a very nice feature is to have a place where to store the buildings you have in your town.

I just started with loading my city from foe. Now I want to redesign this. I would like to be able to press a button and this then places all my buildings (no roads and city expansions) in my inventory. I can then redesign my roadsplan and take each building from my own invrntory instead of the general one(where all buildings are). So if I have 4 houses I should be able to take those 4 houses from my own inventory and place them in the city. If these are placed there should be no more houses in my inventory left. This way it is easy to recreate your city without having to remember and count all buildings in your town.

And tooltips would be a very nice addition as well :-)

Thnx again.
exactly, this is the one feature that is missing.
I create my own "inventory" area. After I load my city, I add a whole bunch of expansions in an unattached area below my city. This is my holding tank, where I move some of my buildings to be out of the way while I redesign. I also place here any new buildings that I'm trying to make room for, e.g. a GB I want to build, or an event building I know I'm about to acquire. It helps while I'm working on a new design to glance down and see how many buildings I still need to make room for.

I also add a few expansions squares for a "trash bin" area off to the left of my city. This is for buildings that I think I will need to get rid of. This way, once I've fit in all the "must-have" buildings, I can check my trash bin to see if any of those buildings can fit after all. It also helps me once I go back to the real game, in case I need a reminder of which buildings I have decided to delete.

Maybe this won't work for those of you who have already expanded into most of the playable game world, but for me it's a very useful system.
I can't load my city? I have registered and entered my world and my player name and city name and I keep getting an error that say the City planner did NOT create my city? Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

(05-12-2017, 02:28 PM)Gesyca_is_joy Wrote: I can't load my city? I have registered and entered my world and my player name and city name and I keep getting an error that say the City planner did NOT create my city? Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?


You provided too little info. Please, check Bug reports and Discussions threads to see how people are reporting. Also, you should post your issue there, not in this thread.

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