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  Xyr Missing?
Posted by: Redhead - 04-10-2018, 03:18 PM - Forum: Foe City Planner - Replies (3)

I am trying to load my city into your excellent program, but Xyr is not listed in the list of cities in EN. Help!

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  Dinegu World?
Posted by: bobomrva - 04-04-2018, 07:16 PM - Forum: Foe City Planner - Replies (1)

Hi, this Planner is very helpful for me. I want to ask, if it will be a functional option "Load In-Game City" from Dinegu world of Slovak server...


Thanks for answer


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Question tool login doesn't accept email address
Posted by: VikingMage77 - 04-01-2018, 05:44 AM - Forum: Website - No Replies

the tool is telling me that my email address and password combination is invalid. 
I suspect that it is due to my address has a + in it.
working fine to login and use this forum.
I have had similar problems before. 

is my suspicion correct and is it fixable or do I need to use a different address?

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  Paypal donations
Posted by: TBSailor - 03-31-2018, 08:33 PM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (2)

You say Paypal is very expensive.
Do they deduct more than the creditcard %?

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  Save City Builder Efforts
Posted by: Rhil - 03-30-2018, 09:40 PM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (4)

Hello everyone.

I am new to these forums but when i read the discouraging possible future for the wonderful tool city planner i felt the need to do something to try to help.

First off,   I am the cheapest person i know. Hence why i play a "free" game. But i feel inclined to support City Planner due to the excellent assistance it provides in taking FOE strategy to the next level.  One major problem I have though is donating to a cause i have no idea if it's even going to make a difference.   If the donations don't keep city planner alive than i'm out what i donated.   Yes i know the creator and benefactors have given so much more that i may sound scroogy to think this way but... ok yes, that's kind of what i am.   Anyway,   I think a way to alleviate this issue is to periodically (as often as possible) post the goal (one year server cost)  and what the donators have pledged.  So we can see the progress being made and how close to the goal we are getting.

Now comes the way I plan to help.  (If allowed by the creator of this program)
  I play in 5 worlds.   4 of them i can access via web browser.   Each of the worlds I will put out over the global chat system a message about city planner. It's usefulness and the situation it is in.  It will go something like this.

Hello Everyone.   Have you used city planner to plan out the growth of your foe city? It allows you to load your city, pick and place your buildings and any other building in the game to build out the perfect city. You can use it for free at http://foemanager.com/city-planner/app/     The program is free but hosting the servers is not.  The development team is running a donation drive to keep this wonderful tool alive.    Go to the site, check it out, use the tool to improve your city and if your so inclined, please leave a donation to ensure it's future.   Thanks!

I plan to post this message maybe once or twice a day over the next couple weeks.  Hopefully it draws new interest into the tool and galvanises the user base to support it.

I play on East-Nagach, Noarsil, Sinerania and Angkor.    If anyone else wants to continue the message in other worlds please list what worlds you can support in below.   Please don't spam the chat over and over with this as we want it to be a friendly message.

If you have any other ideas to help garner support for this program or tweaks to the message above, please share them.  Lets keep this program alive!

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  new US worlds (yorkton, zorskog, angkor wat)
Posted by: Dursland - 03-30-2018, 05:23 AM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (2)

It has been a while (months) since the first two worlds were released, and Angkor was released few weeks ago.

Can we please get them added to the city planner?

There is also a new world for EN - their first in over a year.

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  New world - Parkog (en)
Posted by: ApolloGreyclaw - 03-21-2018, 12:37 AM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (3)


Would it be possible to add Parkog on the en server?

I'm really looking forward to being able to use FoE Manager, it looks great!


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  Building Tabs
Posted by: kkrazykatz - 03-17-2018, 04:18 PM - Forum: Ideas - No Replies

Thank you for for hard work and dedication to this app. 
My idea in regards to the new event buildings is to create a new tab for those alone or at least for the buildings that are part of a set.  I understand you are placing them in appropriate places, but some have more than one feature so sometimes it can take awhile to find a specific one.
Thanks again, 
Happy Gaming!

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  Spring Event 2018
Posted by: Bridgeman55 - 03-13-2018, 03:14 PM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (2)

Looking forward to Cherry Garden Level 2 images. EN Forum

[Image: Tb11VuA.jpg]

[Image: VJdF4Zg.jpg]

Thanks much for a great app !

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  future foe city planner as program?
Posted by: Tigertjheu - 03-12-2018, 11:42 AM - Forum: Discussions - Replies (3)

Hi there!

I saw the message about the cost of holding up FoE city planner.
It can be done (almost) free.

Why not making the site as program?
You only need one page where it can be downloaded from, and a forum.
The maps that everyone is saving is than saved on their own computer, and to share a map it can be send as a file.
If the file is made correctly you can send it with emails, so you can share a map with your friends.

To update the city planner just replace the file on the website and put a notification on the forum, everyone that is subscribed can get notified that there is an update

Where does this idea come from?
* I play world of tanks, and some people are making big mod packs, like this one: aslain.com/index.php
He has a download tread on his forum, end is updating the files every time he has an update.

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